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.. In short, we too often confront postmodern dilemmas with an emotional repertoire tailored to the urgencies of the Pleistocene. Home Books Genres Request Ebooks FAQ Contact Search Ebook here: Home Books Health and Fitness Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ Author: Daniel Goleman Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC Genres: Health and Fitness Publish Date: January 11, 1996 ISBN-10: 0747528306 Pages: 367 File Type: Epub Language: Language Book Description Emotional Intelligence Ponder the last moments of Gary and Mary Jane Chauncey, a couple completely devoted to their eleven-year-old daughter Andrea, who was confined to a wheelchair by cerebral palsy. But from the perspective of a parent making a desperate decision in a moment of crisis, it is about nothing other than love. Designed by DMCA Privacy Policy Contact . For better or for worse, our appraisal of every personal encounter and our responses to it are shaped not just by our rational judgments or our personal history, but also by our distant ancestral past. Homepage SlideShare Channels Popular Presentations .. JavaScript needs to be enabled in order to be able to download. Seen from the intellect, their self-sacrifice was arguably irrational; seen from the heart, it was the only choice to make. Even more important, they mattered for the main task of evolution: being able to bear progeny who would carry on these very genetic predispositionsa sad irony, given the tragedy at the Crabtree household.


As Freud described in Civilization and Its Discontents, society has had to enforce from without rules meant to subdue tides of emotional excess that surge too freely within. We have gone too far in emphasizing the value and import of the purely rationalof what IQ measuresin human life. In terms of biological design for the basic neural circuitry of emotion, what we are born with is what worked best for the last 50,000 human generations, not the last 500 generationsand certainly not the last five. As we all know from experience, when it comes to shaping our decisions and our actions, feeling counts every bit as muchand often morethan thought. Sorry! We could not find what you were looking for :( Don't worry, we will help you get to the right place. The slow, deliberate forces of evolution that have shaped our emotions have done their work over the course of a million years; the last 10,000 yearsdespite having witnessed the rapid rise of human civilization and the explosion of the human population from five million to five billionhave left little imprint on our biological templates for emotional life. Indeed, the first laws and proclamations of ethicsthe Code of Hammurabi, the Ten Commandments of the Hebrews, the Edicts of Emperor Ashokacan be read as attempts to harness, subdue, and domesticate emotional life.


Fourteen-year-old Matilda Crabtree was just playing a practical joke on her father: she jumped out of a closet and yelled Boo! as her parents came home at one in the morning from visiting friends. Home Books Genres Request Ebooks FAQ Contact . Are you looking for. Thinking first of their daughter, the couple tried their best to save Andrea as water rushed into the sinking train; somehow they managed to push Andrea through a window to rescuers. Your browser doesn't accept cookies. Intelligence can come to nothing when the emotions hold sway. MENU . A view of human nature that ignores the power of emotions is sadly shortsighted. Then, as the car sank beneath the water, they perished.1 Andreas story, of parents whose last heroic act is to ensure their childs survival, captures a moment of almost mythic courage.


Despite these social constraints, passions overwhelm reason time and again. Cookies are required to use this site. This leaves us with sometimes tragic propensities, as witness the sad events at the Crabtree household. But while our emotions have been wise guides in the evolutionary long run, the new realities civilization presents have arisen with such rapidity that the slow march of evolution cannot keep up. Hearing noises as he entered the house, Crabtree reached for his .357 caliber pistol and went into Matildas bedroom to investigate. Matilda Crabtree died twelve hours later.5 One emotional legacy of evolution is the fear that mobilizes us to protect our family from danger; that impulse impelled Bobby Crabtree to get his gun and search his house for the intruder he thought was prowling there. Automatic reactions of this sort have become etched in our nervous system, evolutionary biologists presume, because for a long and crucial period in human prehistory they made the difference between survival and death. As an insight into the purpose and potency of emotions, this exemplary act of parental heroism testifies to the role of altruistic loveand every other emotion we feelin human life.3 It suggests that our deepest feelings, our passions and longings, are essential guides, and that our species owes much of its existence to their power in human affairs. Our emotions, they say, guide us in facing predicaments and tasks too important to leave to intellect alonedanger, painful loss, persisting toward a goal despite frustrations, bonding with a mate, building a family. e913ce18fc

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